About Trish —

Trish spent 25 years in the field of Client Services as an Account Manager. She sees the value in being organized and is always ready to assist her clients.

Trish is detail-oriented, persistent in follow through and thrives on multiple tasks whether working independently with the family, or her team. In 2004 she started Creative Solutions, as there is always a creative solution… however, the solution has to work for the client.

In 2016 she incorporated under the name “Extensive Home Solutions” for the services offered are extensive! Once she understands the client’s needs, goals and schedule, a plan is created to accomplish the client’s goals.

Trish consistently demonstrates an ability to “read” a new situation, independently identifying the necessary steps required to proceed towards the desired objective. She proactively performs a broad variety of tasks to create organization where once was only chaos.

Organization is the basis for the various services EHSI offers:

  • Helping organize homes and offices to reduce stress, improve clarity, and create a more welcoming environment
  • Conducting home inventories to protect valuables in case of disasters like fires or floods

Geographically, Extensive Home Solutions is based in Menlo Park, California.  However some of our clients have moved throughout the Western Region, Naples Florida, Austin Texas.  We are available to assist with your move to other areas should you need that added assistance.  

If you would like to arrange a consultation, please reach out to (650) 400-9562 or [email protected].

[email protected]

(650) 400-9562