“Trish Gray and her crew are angels! There was no way that my wife and I could have moved without her. We both work and have kids. We are very busy. Trish stepped in and MADE MOVING EASY!! She is such a sweet, intelligent, truly kind and knowledgeable person. She is an expert on everything about moving. She and her awesome crew packed and unpacked everything. She helped us purge unneeded junk. We are more organized and life is sweeter as a result of this lovely lady.”

– Mike D.

Helped with Moving and Settling In

Trish consistently demonstrates an ability to “read” a new situation, independently identifying the necessary steps required to proceed towards the desired objective. She proactively performs a broad variety of tasks to create organization where once there was only chaos.”

Carol H.

Helped with Planning and Logistics Management

Just completed the best move ever with Trish Gray and all her resources/ingenuity. I have lived all over the world and have learned that moving is a precision art. If you get everything right and stowed quickly and cleanly, it is so much easier to live a serene life AND to keep things in order. THIS is what Trish does for her clients. She gets everything a place and puts everything in its place. Meticulously. She is creative and a true problem solver. I can’t tell you what a value her service has been now twice for me and for many of my clients who are moving for new roles. Marie Kondo has nothing on Trish.

Martha J.

Created and Organized a Functional Home

“Many thanks for not only packing everything so well , but for labeling it. I was easily able to find the blue and white dishes for our lunch yesterday.”

– Nancy

Helped with Packing and Unpacking

Thanks for the attention to detail and smooth sailing we experienced over the last week. Truly, I could not have made it through the endless boxes!!! You are not only great at what you do but a delight to be in the trenches with and fight the fight! We won the battle!”


Helped with Packing and Logistics Management

Thank you for all your valuable tips and advice when moving my mom. You helped to calm me at a time when I felt like I was suffocating. Your kind, understanding words, and guidance got me through one of the toughest experiences of my life. I am truly grateful. You are an angel.


Helped with Specialized Services

If Trish had not been available to help with the move, I would not have moved!”

Grace F.

Helped with Logistics Management

Thank you for doing such a beautiful job creating my wife’s home away from home. When she walked in, she thought she was home! Huge success!”

Dale W.

Helped with Logistics Management and Organizing

“The apartment looks terrific!!!! So thoughtful and so thorough. You’ve made such a difference in my move!


Helped with Home Preparation and Logistics Management

“I first found Trish for a home inventory project. She was amazing and so organized. Every item I own is now carefully and completely documented.

I contacted her again for a cross country move and she made it easy. From finding the right movers for household goods, cars and fine art, to unpacking and organizing in my new home, to managing disposal of the moving boxes in the end, she made sure that everything went smoothly

She took all of the stress of moving off me and let me focus on getting settled. She also managed the details of leaving my old home, making sure everything was in pristine condition for the new owner. She thinks of everything so you don’t have to!​”

Allison M.

Helped with Home Inventory

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