Senior Transitions

We Can Help Your Loved Ones Settle In

while working alongside

experienced qualified movers

As our parents get older and at a point where they are lonely, or need assistance, it
may be best for all if they moved into a senior community.

For the family to know they have 24/7 care, the opportunity of meeting and
enjoying the company of others, experiencing various events and having their meals available for them gives the family a great peace of mind.

When the right senior community is selected for your family member… mom, dad,
uncle, or grandparent, we can help them settle in while working alongside
experienced qualified movers.

Once we have a floor plan, and have confirmed measurements of the rooms, and
what furniture and belongings they would like, we can then get the move scheduled.

Our goal is to make it as much like home as possible, and when placing the furniture we will take a walker or wheelchair into consideration.

The morning of the move, we will be there to ensure selected belongings get packed, and then delivered to the new residence. We’ll direct furniture placement, make the bed, hang the clothes, unpack all else and put all away so upon arrival they can just enjoy their new residence and get a good nights sleep.

All art will be unpacked, then once they decide where they want each piece hung,
facilities may be able to help hang each piece.

Our goal is to make it feel as much like home as possible.

Before anything is discarded, be thorough in checking the pockets of all clothing, inspecting the structures of all furniture, and even examining cereal boxes to ensure that any valuable items are returned to the family.

Once cleared, you can take the next step to manage the plans for the family house.


Confirm all desired items will fit and provide ‘safe’ passage

We can help with every step

Be there with movers to pack select items, and furniture

Direct placement

Make the bed, unpack all boxes, put all away

Remove packing materials

Get family member settled in by 6:00 pm day of move

Assist with going through and clearing the balance of items in “their house”

If you would like to arrange a consultation, please reach out to (650) 400-9562 or [email protected].


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