Move Management

Moving Can Be An Overwhelming process

We Help Families, Couples, Individuals & Seniors

When Moving From One Residence To Another

Extensive Home Solutions has years of experience in helping those on the move with all the details when moving from one home to another.  Moving can be an overwhelming process.

Our support will help expedite the process and save you time to continue handling
all the details in your busy life!

Does your schedule allow you the time to manage it all? We are here to help
alleviate your burden and make your transition easier.

Statistically it takes 182 days to settle into an average size home. With our help it
may only take 3 – 4 days! How can it be better than that?

We understand how each move is unique, and we will tailor our services to meet
your specific needs.

With two decades of experience, we will help with the planning, implementation,
and coordination of the details, as there are different steps to consider for local,
interstate or international moves.


Saves time so you can continue handling family details

Alleviates managing the moving details

Access to all your belongings within a few days

Organized and functional home

If you would like to arrange a consultation, please reach out to (650) 400-9562 or [email protected].


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