Know what you have

To know what space you need!

Planning a remodel or new build? Your contractor and sub contractors need to stay
on schedule to do everything possible to meet the completion date. Once you have rented your temporary housing, we will help you settle into that residence. We can inventory the balance of your items and provide you with a Google doc, so should you need something it can easily be located. Movers can store these for you, but to have it all in accessible storage is best. The movers will provide an estimate for the move and approximate number of boxes for storage. Once we have that, the size of the storage unit can be determined.

There are many things to consider when designing the house plans, like
functionality and practicality of the areas you are remodeling. Create a design that
provides both form and functionality.

Due to others we have helped settle in, after their remodel… we can only suggest…

Know what belongings you have to know what space you need. Not just in quantity of cupboards or drawers, but also in size to make sure the depth and height will accommodate your dishes, glassware, small appliances, pots, pans, trays and cutting boards etc. Ensure not only the number of cupboards or drawers but also their dimensions suitably accommodate your dishes, glassware, small appliances, pots, pans, trays, cutting boards, etc.  This consideration extends to your closet space as well.  While standard closets may suffice for individuals ranging from 6′ to 6’3″, those at 6’9″ may find their clothes susceptible to damage from hangers on the lower rod, and their shoes may not fit on a 12″ x 30″ shelf.

Take these thoughts into other areas of your home… closets, bedrooms, bathrooms,
laundry room, garage. One thought would be to drop yourself into the floor plan and
imagine how you would use it, therefore how you would set it up. Any desired
changes discuss with your contractor as soon as possible.


Settled into temporary housing quickly

Provide inventory of stored items

Place all in storage by category to easily locate an item

Provide measurements of stored items on Google docs to provide to
contractor if needed

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