We'll help you create a customized inventory of your home belongings! Things can change in an instant, so knowing what you have is critical if you experience a devastating loss. Now with the additional service of Home Inventory and knowing some who lost everything in the California fires, Trish hopes everyone can see the value in getting the details of what they own cataloged and safely backed up in the cloud.

Trying To Recall

Emotions that one experiences when going through a devastating loss can make it difficult to recall the details of all their belongings. Having a detailed inventory list and pictures of what you have can make a big difference with insurance claims!

Details We Provide

We'll provide pictures of all your items, including area rugs, furniture, art, decorations, gym equipment, appliances, clothing, dishes, china, glassware etc. Overall video of each area are included.


It can be difficult to tell the exact size of an item in a photo. We include measurements of furnishings, rugs, art, etc., and quantities of china, silverware and dishes. If available, we add photos of receipts, appraisals, and documents that can help certify item values, artists’ names, and date of purchase.

Other Benefits

For clients who have other properties, having a fully detailed inventory gives you the security of knowing all the contents of your other home.

Story Validating The Value

A woman who had gone through the Berkeley fires in 1991 said, “The best thing you can give to someone you know who has lost their home is pictures of their home and property… which helps with insurance claims.”

Value Of Organization

A young woman who lost her wedding ring in the North Bay fires knew exactly where she left it. Because of that she was able to find it in the ashes and put it back on her finger!