Reduce stress

improve clarity

create a more welcoming

peaceful environment

In 2003 my corporate career ended, and I started helping others with organization. 
With the services EHSI offers, organization is the basis for all of them.

Having an organized home is beneficial for it helps the family find anything they
need.  And it eliminates unnecessary spending of money on items one is not able to locate.  The key to it all is putting things away when done using it.

Since Covid, many are now working from home – full or part time. To have an
organized office is incredibly important to easily locate the various details you are
currently working on; or from a past project that you now need to review. 

Part of the reason for wanting help may be the stress felt by the mess you are
surrounded with.  An organized home can reduce stress, improve clarity and create
a more welcoming and peaceful living environment.

When helping others we want to hear what their goals are – to create customized
solutions that will work for them.


Reduces stress – better sleep

Being organized – more free time

Welcoming and safe environment

Eliminates unnecessary spending

Improves clarity

Easily find anything

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