Time is a precious commodity. Gift yourself and your family the time to enjoy what is most important to you as you transition from your current home to your new home. We make moving easy!

Let Extensive Home Solutions Inc. assist you with the numerous details from the beginning of the process to unpacking the last box… leaving you with an organized and functional home.

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Home Inventory

Should you experience a loss due to fire, earthquake, theft or flood, having a detailed inventory list of your belongings readily available to submit to the insurance company will expedite the replacement claim and give you peace of mind.

During these times of crisis, would you be able to provide a complete listing of the property you lost and an accurate monetary value? We are here to help you with this process, creating a customized inventory for you!

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Second Home or Vacation Concierge

In our busy world today, we realize the importance of getting away and having time together with those who are most important to you. Can you imagine arriving at your vacation spot or 2nd home knowing it is completely ready for you? Not only clean with fresh linens on the beds and in the bathrooms but also your list of food already purchased, delivered and put away.

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